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Entrainment For Better Mental Health

The Nexus portable brainwave trainer can improve mental health states for your patients. It is an excellent tool to add to your practice.

Our products are FDA low-risk general wellness devices

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Lower Stress

Lowering elevated Beta brainwaves may help reduce muscle tension and overarousal

Improve Focus

High Theta brainwaves may cause a trance like state where people tune out. Some sessions may help with focus and attention issues


Break Stuck Patterns

Randomization may help the brain refocus, which may help with bad habits and patterns

Improve Bedtime Routines

Normalizing alpha waves or improving delta rhythms may help some get better rest.

Each unit comes with over 90 Sessions!

16 Mental Health Sessions

These sessions are designed to support people who may have common symptoms resulting from fast or slow brainwave activity. They may help with emotional issues, mood, focus, attention, memory, cognitive decline and sleep related problems.

11 Bedtime Sessions

Getting a good night’s rest is a huge problem for many people. Elevated brainwaves are often the reason, not allowing the transition to the Delta frequencies where regeneration is known to occur. The first 5 sessions are for pre-bedtime to set you up for a good night’s rest. #6 – #11 are for use when in bed and can be looped. glasses can be worn or put on a nearby nightstand.

8 Randomization Sessions

The goal of randomization (also known as disentrainment) is to break up stuck patterns in the mind and encourage new neuronal growth. Stuck patterns can lead to bad habits and addictions. Randomization is unfamiliar to the mind and will cause it to pause and refocus. By doing this constantly, it can help the mind break out of stuck patterns on its own. This random method may be effective for many different neurological issues.

9 SMR (Sensorimotor) Sessions

SMR is found in between the relaxed (Alpha) and awake (Beta) states. Boosting SMR activity in the Sensory Motor Cortex may improve nighttime patterns and provide better resistance to stress. Entraining this area may both calm a busy mind and enhance concentration.

8 Gamma Sessions

Gamma waves are associated with higher mental functions like cognition and memory. Gamma waves can also promote higher states of awareness and increased mental function. Benefits of proper gamma training may include improved cognition, problem-solving, information processing and memory. Gamma entrainment may increase attention span, awareness, mindfulness, proper mental functioning and mind immunity. Those with memory related issues and illnesses may find gamma sessions helpful.

9 Peak Performance Sessions

High cognitive performance or “peak brain performance“ refers to the achievement of optimal functioning of cognitive capabilities and executive functions. Peak performance training may help with memory, processing speed, and decision-making. These capabilities can be boosted to optimal levels, allowing one to simply “do better.” Sessions may be helpful for work, sports optimization and performance related issues.

5 Schumann Resonance Sessions

The Earth’s magnetic field vibrates at a specific frequency range known as the Schumann Resonance. Entrainment to this frequency produces more blood flow to the brain than at any other frequency. The frequency is averaged at 7.83 Hz, but similar results are also found using the harmonics of the Schumann resonance (14.1 Hz SMR, 20.1 Hz, and 40 Hz). People using Schumann may experience benefits like enhanced learning and memory, rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance and grounding.

17 Ramping Sessions

Ramping sessions are designed to suppress irregular brainwaves by alternating frequencies that are closest to them. Someone with fast Theta wave activity can experience positive effects by ramping the nearby alpha and SMR frequencies. Sessions start with a 5-minute disentrainment period to improve mind tolerance to ramping. Proper ramping may benefit many neurological issues.

6 Bi-hemisphere Sessions

Some mental health issues occur when the left and ride side of the mind are firing at different frequencies. Bi-hemisphere sessions pulse lights at different speeds on the left and right to bring symmetry between both hemispheres. Benefits may include better mood, attention, grounding, more restfulness and reduced stress.

5 Alternating Frequency Sessions

These sessions target different frequencies in various alternating patterns. Cycling frequencies back and forth may help with certain tougher conditions such as peripheral aches and tremors. Alternating frequencies may also help the mind break out of stuck patterns and improve mood.
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